Saturday 15th October 2016

Non classé

While I was on the bus, I was thinking about this RED project and I suddenly decided to go down and take photographs. I  was near Parliament Square and I had seen a playground with children which is related to my Red intentions. Although I was in a (very) touristic area with many people hanging their camera, I didn’t feel comfortable to take pictures. I saw a pretty little blond-hair-girl playing with her father and I tried several to capture them. The first times I didn’t press the shutter button, and I finally did when I surprisingly encounter them while I was leaving the park. I’ll discover this image when I will be able to develop it… I saw a manifestation for the acceptance of refugees in the UK, I discreetly took some pictures with my phone, but the presence of policemen restricted my courage to take more. I arrived at Trafalgar Square where there was a festival for Africans. It was amazing ! People were dancing and singing with the rhythm of the live concert, some group of artists were performing with hats and children. I felt more reassured to hang the camera. It was in the middle of a touristic area, therefore I could pretend to photograph the National Portrait Museum, the lions or the column, whereas I was not, I shoot people and performers. I think that it might be easier for me to start shooting in touristic places or during events like this African one (just be aware about everything happening in London, and elsewhere).

I walked towards Covent Garden. An homeless man was lying down in the middle of the street and people called emergency. It was disturbing. Policemen came and awake him. He was just having a nat, and scarred all the pedestrians… But I continued my road, and a girl was practicing the first aid to an other homeless man in front of Sainsbury’s . His face was white and his lips blue. It was awful to see. It was a real uncomfortable situation. When I went out of the shop, an homeless guy tried to steal beers and crips but the manager ran out on him and strongly pushed him at the back of the store. Emergency was there trying to reanimate the body and whistle of the unconscious man. I don’t know what happened. When I left, a man was yarning ‘Alex, Alex’ with a fear in his throat…






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