Sunday 16th October 2016

Non classé

I went in Shoreditch to visit several galleries participating to Photo month. A real failure !! Either they were closed (yeah, I know it was Sunday but everything is supposed to be open in London on Sunday!) However I started my (failed) journey with a successful walk in Columbia Flower road where I bought blue thistles, aloe vera plant and a green plant. It was wonderful to be surrounded by so much colors and beauties (and the hipsters going to take their brunch) in the sun whereas it was supposed to rain… If I had the entire flat for myself, I would have bought many more plants ! It reminded me the first time I went there, with Elise a few months ago… It was our garden weekend ! Then, I tried to find those galleries (I won’t say again that I failed) but on my way, I arrived on Arnold Circus, a beautiful round place with a kiosk. From the top, I saw a private party in a garden house, this is a real hipster place. I finally join Brick Lane  / Ols Spistfield and the Sunday market, crossing all kind of populations, cultures and societies.

For RED, I’d like to show the photographs I took when the fear was dominant (the ‘forbidden’ photographs, suspicions from the people)


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