Georgios Raistellis

Social issues, street photography

‘Living in a society where civilization is a synonym of technological development and economical improvement while the same time a big amount of the world population lives under the poverty limit. Where the social recognition implies the consuming ability and the economical power, I decided to explore the society and document people who work or live in the streets. The Final Major Project is a photo documentary about people we meet in our daily life but we ignore, thinking that they are immoral and corrupt criminals. In some other cases people assume that they are lazy and not clever enough that’s why they ended up begging in the streets and they are “all” alcohol and drug addicts.  In some other occasions they are them who take advantage of tax payers as they do not “produce” any good for society while the same time all taxpayers work for the Royal Family, private corporations and numerous of institutions which  they impose laws and regulations beneficial only for the upper class. Living in a world where educational system trains humans to live under of an economic slavery and keeping them in ignorance i turned my interest in people who either from choice or accidently live in poverty. My aim was from one hand to brake down the fear of socializing with people who are labeled as dangerous and in the other hand to create an anthropocentric photo-documentary. I started capturing poverty when i first visited London. The scenes of poverty in contrast with the wealth projection contributed the production of the following images.’
Georgios Raistellis.pngPicture 20.pngGeorgios Raistellis 2.png


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