John Stezaker


John Stezaker (UK conceptual artist / 1949 -)

He explores our relationship with a photographic image  as ‘documentation of truth, purveyor of memory and symbol of modern culture’. He takes away a portrait from its context and content by making collages that overlap different faces and create a new hybrid one. What is a face? John Stezaker, Marriage L, 2007.jpgJohn Stezaker, Marriage (Film Portrait Collage) XXXI.jpg

His works is influenced by the Surrealism, the spontaneous association of ideas, the fragmentation, the deconstruction and reconstruction of an image that holds a new meaning and significance, more abstractive.

It reminds me the feminist artist Barbara Kruger’s aesthetics who use advertisings and visual communication of mass consumption to explore gender and identity.Barbara Kruger, GEnder is irrevelant.jpg

And in some extend, Linder uses collage to create transgressive images with a feminist political engagement. Linder, red lips.jpg


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