Treat an image

Non classé

How does a treatment and alteration of a photograph can change its meaning and perception? There are different ways of acting and retouching, to embellish and achieve the ‘perfect’ image (which in a way becomes a false one)?

An interesting book, The Commissar Vanishes by David King (1997) deals with censure and falsified imaged during the Soviet era. It presents the history of the Soviet Union and its political influence on the freedom of thinking through its retouched advertisings, photographs, paintings. The juxtaposition of the true and the altered images emphasizes the political control on the national ideology.

The Commissar Vanishes 003.jpg

Here are different ideas of treatments :
-print on flexible support and stretch it
-burn, scratch, mark negatives
-scan with object on top of images
-filters, tracing paper, opaque surface
-scultpural installation
-image of an image
-photomontage and sequence of an image
-light painting



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