Brighton Photo Biennal 2016 x Miniclick

Non classé

We spent a fog-sunny Sunday in Brighton to explore the Photo Biennal 2016.

First stop : Control @Miniclick
Portfolio review with brilliant architectural photographer Jim Stephenson, co-foundater of Miniclick. In the confessional booth ( yes, a real religious confessional) we spoke about my beginnings in photography, my intentions, the ways to improve my practice and achieve my goal. It was incredibly encouraging helpful and to understand what are the expectations of the professional environment.
Tour of Control, an exhibition about the control of image over the viewer. I am fascinated by Rachal Michalak‘s series on Bielorussian series and the involvement of the sense of touching the particular polypaper of his prints. Sarah Pickering‘s long-term documentary on Denton streets were stunning, spreading a feeling of unfinished, as a latent story that happened or that is waiting to run over the streets.

Second stop : La Fabrica
An interesting exhibition in a rehabilited church, with a contrast between the (religious) space  and the underground-gettho images which re more fashion photographs than documentary and do not convey any fear, violence or death.

Ending the day on the beach, photographing the sunset, playing on the pier, dining in a pub and coming back in London. A beautiful Sunday…


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