In conversation with Cathleen Naundorf


In Conversation with the French German photographer Cathleen Naundorf, at Victoria and Albert Museum (04 November 2016)

Beaute ideale.jpg

A conversation about TRAVEL (‘Go out. I’m young, I need to go out.’), FREEDOM, SOCIAL relationships and FASHION. This women is a gift of joy and happiness.

        Cathleen studied painting (drawing) and photography. She started in photo reportage and created books for publishers. Fascinated by ethnic cultures and , she traveled in Mongolia, Amazonia, Sibiria and Tibet. She felt a desire to slow down her nomad life and she settled down in Paris. Her friend Horst introduced Cathleen in the ‘fashion tribe’ and she photographed the backstage of fashion shows and the ‘petites-mains’ working in ‘Haute couture ateliers’.
She developed her outstanding textural photographic signature using a large format camera and polaroid, that interested couturiers. She got the access to couturiers’ archives (Dior, Chanel, GJohn Galliano, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix, Valentino, Elie Saab…) and developed a theatrical series of photographs in the beautifulest places (Grand Palais, Versailles, Valentino castle…). She highlighted the importance of relationship between the dress and the location.

A personal ending happened…

Grand Palais I - Secret Times - Chanel.jpgSome enchanted evening III  - Armani.jpg

An ordinary day - Valentino.jpg



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