Memory.Flow | UrbanPhoto Fest 2016

Non classé, street photography

Photo walk Memory.Flow, with the Italian urban photographer Beatrice Tura, as a workshop of Urban Photo Fest 2016.

Exploring the ideas of memory as a trace of  past(s) or a passage, layers of time and evolution of something within the fluidity and movement of urban landscape.

I did not have a precise idea in mind. I took pictures expressing the relationship between inside/outside, the intimate and public spaces, how individual (indoor, inside, personal) memories become a part of a collective (outdoor, urban, social) narrative.dsc_0105dsc_0182dsc_0189dsc_0208

Beatrice worked on layers of tags and stickers (stickers and car ; ghost in Roma), on narrative of an abandoned object (lollipop) and its different functions (newspapers reused as a window wall), that could be a critic of ‘trendy’ social groups (old map used as a wallpaper).

Cari was looking for broken windows, usually repaired with tape or leaving apart. She imagined a story around those vestige (what happen, when, who repaired it). Walking with this idea, she built a strong series of images that convey the violence of breaking soften with the passage of time. A strong image of a white board on the ground with writings and drawings half erased (beautiful lighting, composition, colors) and the one with pieces of broken glasses and leaves in the street, as a relationship between human and nature.

Abhilash blended memories of streets with his personal memories that created an attachment to images. A photograph of a damaged car evoked the pain of the accident. A rusted locker as time transformed materiality + contrast between memories that disappear quickly and those which last a long time.

PS : I realize that it is better to walk with a vague idea of what we are looking for, instead of  shooting randomly. It helps to focus the eye on a search of a specific objects, colors, textures, lines, patterns. The series of images at the end makes more sense, they have a unity and common characteristic that build a narrative.

Imprint space
Interesting body of work on the behaviour of individual within public spaces, either crowd or empty, how others influence the direction of walk and draw social patterns of movements.

Gate darkroom
Nice meeting of two co-foundators (ex LCC students) who emphasize on the community, communal work, interaction and mutual exchange.

APT Gallery
As a voluntary photographer of the private view. Exploring the definition of ‘urban’ within different countries, cultures and civilizations


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