Paris Photo 2016 | Grand Palais, Paris


Once again I went to the biggest annual photographic fair in Paris, Paris Photo 2016. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to visit other galleries and exhibitions in Paris throughout November.
Here is a meeting of international galleries, publishers and photographers. The fair covers all genres of photography (street photography, fashion portraiture, landscape, photojournalism, landscape, fine art, installation, moving image…) and all centuries (from primitive photographs to contemporary works). I assisted to one talk on composing an image which was more an introduction to speakers’ practice than general talk for everyone. img_2353img_2344img_2377img_2335img_2336img_2355img_2356img_2373img_2413img_2423img_2447img_2381img_2445img_2368img_2425img_2357img_2352


During 10minutes, I was exploring Prisme space on first floor of Grand Palais, next to an old man in wheelchair. Suddenly, a few people were looking and photographed him. Crowd becomes bigger and bigger as we approached a corner where it was written ‘William Klein’. It is only at that time that I realized who’s this man was. It was William Klein himself. He stood in his chair surrounded by all these photographers (funny to see some techniques to get the first row and get people’s attention: sparkling jacket, be ‘friendly’ and give advice to others (hum?)…). William asked for his camera and then he started to shoot at this crowd of lenses pointing at him. I was just smiling at him and I will always remember his answer with his companion (Beauty, Truth, Simplicity) :

‘Come William, we’re going to have a sit.
-Oh man, what do you want? I am already sat.’ 



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