Chroma / Multiverse / Carbon Life | Royal Opera House, London


An extraordinary night at the Opera.
Three ballets created by the British choreographer Wayne McGregor that were well composed and went beyond the traditional representation of dancing. The whole settings (stage, costumes, sound and lights) are carefully composed to create a beautiful unity.

CHROMA | a beautiful moment of raw, dirty and earthy emotion that enhances expression of bodies, alternatively alone, in duo or trio, wrapped in faded colors costumes. the whole piece is about minimalism and colors, or the aging of them, their disappearance, their loss, their forgetting, their trace of existence and their remembrance (dirty white, beige, earthy grey, celadon, pine tree, dry raspberry, wooden pink, touches of black)


MULTIVERSE | a graphic slope leading towards refugees, struggling, fearing and saved by good minds which is deeply embedded into our times. again, a beautiful palette of bluish grey, silver, anthracite,  pearl grey, snow walnut,  verdigris)fc-multiverse-steven-mcrae-paul-kay-unison-jumps_1000wayne-mcgregormultiverse-artists-of-the-royal-ballet-roh-2016-photographed-by-andrej-uspenski

CARBON LIFE | a new definition of ballet made of several mini scenes in contrast between rock jazzy music, structural black (and white) costumes and sharp delicate ballet movements.

A night of pure Beauty.

Inspirations :
– continue series From Above in hill streets (SF, Vauxhall bridge, rue Paul Delmet)
– textile moodboards (colors, prints and textures)
-dirty, earthy monochrome – white, grey


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