Non classé

Sorry, I’ve forgotten to tell you…

Tell me what? Why did you forgot? What did you want (or didn’t) to say? Why do we forgot? Is it a memory default, a disease? Or do we voluntary forget things?

Forgot is about loss of something (melancholy, nostalgia) but also about remembering (hope to recover, reminder, link in time). Forgetting is not necessary sad. Forgetting and memory(-ies) start a mindful and sensitive journey, alongside experiences, discoveries and surprises. I am interested in the Beauty of Forgetting, and the meaning of loss and EMPTINESS, how the absence of something (or its trace) sometimes tells much more than its presence (in the real world or in the frame).

Inspired by my favourite film The Notebook (Nick Cassavetes – 2004), The Good Company, romanticism paintings, A la recherche du temps perdu by Marcel Proust, and all my researches for my essay on ‘Lace & Memory’ written during my Master Textile design.


Entrer une légende


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