Towards a social Landscape

Non classé

Edited by Nathans Lyon from George Eastman House of Photography exhibition ‘Towards a social landscape’ in 1966. About contemprary photographers (Bruce Davidson, Lee Friedlander, Garyy Winogrand, Danny Lyon, Duane Michals)

Each picture need to be understood within the CONTEXT they were made, while photographers attempted to perceive relationships between pictures and their  environment.

Visual vocabulary in graphic media

Towards a new definition of what is a LANDSCAPE (Natural landscape vs man-made landscape). Redefine concepts of landscape and environment. Environment modifies the object ; the object modifies its environment.

We make a map of our experience patterns, an inner model of the outer world and we use this to organize our lives. Our natural environment – whatever impinges on us from outside – becomes our human landscape –  a segment of nature fathomed by us and made our home.’

George Kepes, in The New Landscape

Consider the significance of photography as a ‘representation of ideas rather than just an illustrations for words’. Question identity

Question of the ‘snapshot’ (amateurs) (cf. Camera Work, A. Stieglitz) : what does make cross the line between snapshot and photograph?

‘I’m interested in people and people things.’  Lee Friedlander (not to define but clarify  human condition)

‘Talking about them [my photographs] is talking about myself.’ Duane Michols


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