Street photography with Ed Thomspon | Whitechapel gallery


Youth workshop with Ed Thompson at Whitechapel gallery, 19 November 2016

Edward Thompson is a British documentary photographer, influenced by the Russian photographer Sergey Chilikov to shoot the everyday life. He is teaching in photographic courses, regularly gives lectures, has been exhibited in famous galleries (Photographers’ gallery) and has published photo-essay untitled The Unseen.

Here are the two tips I of the day :
. WATCH YOUR EDGES (not only of frame but also of subjects)

+ to make a picture interesting (frame within a frame ; unusual angle ; juxtaposition of narrative within same frame ; diagonal)

+photograph people doing something, working, being active and concentrate on an occupation (easier to take photograph in the street)

About a Photo-essay
– Establishing (location, landscapes, interior…)
-Portrait (heaqd, close up)
-Human relationship (daily life, interaction, emotional)
-Details (in a busy city life, try to find poetic details)

About a Photo-series
Same composition, angle, view of different subjects
Look at John Sternfeld

Always ask yourself, think and remember ‘Why am I taking photographs?’ BACK TO THE BEGINNING OF YOUR PHOTOGRAPHIC JOURNEY

After a portrait shooting within the gallery creative studio using reflectors, we went out to take candid shots in the streets. We only had half an hour to create a narrative throughout our pictures, which was quite intense and challenging. But I felt that my attention and awareness were more accurate and my eye more sensitive to the potential of an interesting angle or a situation.

We went back to the studio to choose 5 pictures each. It was quite difficult to do it only with the viewer of camera as I was not able to see images next to each other in order to evaluate wether images were working well together as a series. Besides, there was no possible editing whereas I would have appreciate cropping an image, desaturate another one, etc. But all the constraints made the challenge interesting about the non-editing (as I don’t like retouch images) and it will reinforce my attention before pressing the shutter.
We then all exhibited our series on walls (I choose a narrow pillar to showcase a vertical series of monochrome grey images).

And to finish a free entrance to William Kentridge’s exhibition, untitled ‘Thick Time’ – beautiful, inspiring, timeless.


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