Eugène Richards

Photographer, Social issues

In his book, Alex Webb mentioned the American photographer Eugène Richards for his interaction between words and images in his books.
What a poignant discovery ! His works deal with violent and harsh issues (cancer, drug, asylum, crime…) but he depicts these realities with a sense of poetic images. They’re striking but visually pleasing. It questions boundaries between intimacy and otherness, the intrusion in private spaces. eugene-richards-exploding-into-life-01eugene-richards-exploding-into-life-03eugene-richardsbelow-the-line-06eugene-richardsbelow-the-line-07eugene-richardsthe-fat-baby-03eugene-richardsa-procession-of-them-01eugene-richardsa-procession-of-them-02eugene-richardsa-procession-of-them-17-yr-old-jorge-with-autismeugene-richardsa-procession-of-them-boy-living-with-his-depressed-mothereugene-richardsa-procession-of-them-jorge-with-autism


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