Glamorous portraits

fashion, Non classé, Photographer

Listen to to  Fred Astaire’s glamorous effortlessness, while reading this article.

Georges Hurrell, the glamour photographer or Hollywood in 1930s and 1940s worked for a time at MGM studios and fashion magazines and advertisements.A beautiful reading on his portraits (with a laugh during the first meeting between Hurrell and Garbo, p.59)

Clarence Sinclair Bull, known as Garbo’s personal photographe, worked for movie studios during the Hollywood Golden Age, . Bull was an expert in the technical aspects of photography, including lighting, retouching, and printing.

They both used a very high number of incandescent lights (boom lights) for every shape of face. Look reflections in the eyes.

Multiple lights create a multidirectional light and soft shadows. 

The softer the light is, the more flattering the picture is. 


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