Joel Meyerowitz, Cape Light

Non classé

A beautiful series of color photographs depicting coast and small towns of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Taken with Meyerowitz’s vintage 8 x 10 Deardoff view camera, the photographs meditate on the colour, light and scale of the landscape. In contrast to the chaotic scenes of his famous street photography, Cape Light features serene, luminous landscapes that consider colour as a sensorial, evocative experience.

Speaking about his move into colour photography, Meyerowitz has said that colour “describes more things”. Continuing, he explained, “when I say description, I don’t mean mere fact and the cold accounting of things in the frame. I really mean the sensation I get from things their surface and colour my memory of them in other conditions as well as their connotative qualities. Colour plays itself out along a richer band of feelings more wavelengths, more radiance, more sensation.”

(source : Beetles+Huxley gallery)


Gas Works Car Park, Falmouth








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