How to get confidence in the street?

LIFE, street photography

Going in the street to take photographs of people is quite challenging for me.

 Street photography. Round 01
The first time I had a film camera into my hand, I couldn’t wait to use it and I went out at night to try it.   Soon after,  I was adjusting settings to photograph a wall when a guy  walked by. I pressed the shutter. He gazed me, crossed the road and I can still hear his threatening voice ‘Did you take a picture of me?’ . I denied and continued my walk, with a fear to meet him again. Unfortunately, nothing appeared when I developed the film so I will never see his face again.

Street photography. Round 02
And then, I tried a couple of times to experience street photography more as candid shots. I went in crowded areas (markets, shopping streets, events, sightseeing places…) and took some candid shots, without asking people, and I sometimes felt uncomfortable when they realized I took a photograph of them, even if I pretended to look at ‘something’ next to them. They were sometimes interesting but not a great photograph.

Street photography. Round 03
After, I decided to interact with people, by introducing me as a photographer and talking with them. The first time, I hold my camera and spotted intreating people to photograph. However, I didn’t dare once to ask them, or when I was going to approach them, they left away. I didn’t even take one photographs. The following times, I dared to ask a few, with a lot of negative answers, that didn’t help me to become more confident. One teenager was really nice and cooperative. She was the first I can pretend to be successful as a human task  (even if the quality is not so good).High Street Kensington.jpg
I MUST go out, and continue to practice, again and AGAIN to slowly get CONFIDENCE.

Approach, interact and speak with strangers is not only useful as a photographer.
It is a LIFE lesson. 


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