Dance workshop, TOYS by Léa Tirabasso

Non classé

I met Léa last year during a dance project when we both performed and danced. She is a French choreographer working in London and Luxembourg who interrogates the human strangeness, absurdity, sarcasm and irony. She was awarded Prix Arts et Lettres 2016
by the Grand Ducal Institute, Luxembourg.

Her new piece untitled Toys explores the idea of PLEASURE, in a naive sense of joy, party and excitement. During the workshop, we were physically  engaged in a journey through gradual level of emotion to reach the highest intensity. Both individually and as a whole, in a ‘bowl’.

It was really intense, physically and emotionally. Lea pulled out our deepest feelings to enter in a pulse, a barrocco image of the end of the world, between balance and level, solitude and (dreaming) interaction.

TOYS will be performed in London in June. And it seems that it will be a profound ballet of passion, game and extase.screenshot-2016-12-03-18-29-56.png




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