Scandinavian Fashion Photography

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Scandinavian Fashion Photography Study Day
at University of Westminster, London | 09 December 2016

The term ‘Scandi Style’ immediately brings to mind the minimalist design aesthetic that emerged in the 1930s and was later popularised by global brands like Ikea. This study day will consider the notion of Scandi style from a different angle, focusing on Scandinavian fashion photography – uncovering its hidden histories, exploring its international networks, showcasing contemporary practitioners. Is it possible to speak of a ‘Scandi style’ in fashion photography? What sorts of relationships exist, and have existed, between fashion photographers, designers, and publications, both within the region, and internationally? What are the benefits and drawbacks of seeking to describe national and regional photo histories? How do national and regional museums, collections and archives influence the understanding of the history, character and typology of fashion photography? These, and other questions, will be explored by scholars, curators and others working in this emerging field of study.
A further aim of this event is to initiate an international collaborative research network on fashion photography. We envision this inaugural event as the first of many, researching and exploring overlooked and forgotten social, historical and political narratives and transnational links in relation to fashion images globally.


What is Scandinavian? How do we define Scandinavian area? What are the characteristic of a ‘Scandi-Style’?

1. The relevance of Nationality and/or Regionality : swedishness, finnishness, scandinavian (influence Soviet Union, European countries ;  blond models)

2. Fashion from the cold.

3. Nordic Light ; Nordic Darkness (palette, landscape, emotion, blueness, cold mood)

4. Landscape is a vast area (forest, sea, rocks…) something we are in. It conveys an emotion and a feeling to sublimes clothing.

5. Aesthetics, Ecology and Ethics  (Globe Hope)


Nature. Graphic. Simplicity. Minimalism. Cold. Bright. White. Wood. Forest.


Brands : Marimekko, Vuokko (Finland) ; H&M, Cos, IKEA, Tiger (Sweden) ; Hay (Denmark)

Photographers : John Cowan, Elisabeth Toll, Martina Hoogland Ivanow, Julia Helta,Erik Holmen




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