identity, Photographer

Viviane Sassen is a Dutch photographer working for fashion brands and personal projects.

x Couronne SS2015 here


Viviane Sassen, Biotope, Purple Fashion, Spring/Summer 2004

Bright colors and shapes. Images could be reduce as colored shapes in movement, conveying emotions, which remind the Suprematism in painting. Shapes and colors interact together to create dynamic compositions, explosive, soft or delicate.

Abstraction. Brutal characteristic (siring light, strong shadow, vivid colors). No postproduction, everything is done in camera (even colors geometric shapes). Background reduce as a texture (desert, cloudy sky, wall). Importance of black in her images. Use of mirrors juxtaposes elements which shouldn’t be together within the image.

Absence of identity. Faces are hidden, therefore bodies loose their identity in a confusion of gender and the boundary between male and female is blurred. Mask any sign of her models as individuals

Body distortion, fluidity, choreography . Contortions and posesSearch for geometric shapes in Suprematism. Aesthetic of falling movement
cf Men in the Cities, by Robert Longo

Two bodies linked together as a single organism.

African influence. She spent many years Kenya during her childhood.


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