Hasselblad 500


I’ve been lucky enough to get my tutor’s trust who borrow me an Hasselblad 500 to play with during the holidays. I have to say that it is an amazing camera. My first experience with a medium format camera (a Mamiya RB67 wasn’t really successful) but this camera islight, easily handly and work efficiently. It was quite tricky the first few minutes to adapt with the reverse image seen in the viewfinder but it is such a pleasure to work with it.

A few days later, I’ve developed films I shot and I’m so impressed by the results, the quality of images, the vibrancy of colors and the grain of photographs (I know it also deal with the quality of film I used, Portra 160). I definitely enjoy shooting with an Hasselblad, my new dream camera ! hasselblad500c.jpg


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