Color printing workshop


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A little of theory

Color is a characteristic of human visual perception, but it is such a complex notion that it can not be reduced to a single definition. The science of colors (chromatics, colorimetry) explore color as an electromagnetic radiation, a light, a material, an emotion, a cerebral activity, etc…

There are two principal color systems : additive and subtractive systems. Color printing in darkroom use the second one and work with layers of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow (filters in the enlarger, negatives  and light-sensitive paper)colorsystems.png

Color printing process (C-41)
1. Set your enlarger with lens f11/16, negative holder. Adjust size and focus of image, and timer. Set your filter on the head of the enlarger (Cyan 0 / Magenta 50 / Yellow 75)
2. Switch off every source of light Now you are in the total darkness for the end of the process
3. Exposure adjustement : do a first exposure test stripe (5′ 10′ 15′ 20′ 25′) until you find the correct exposure
|!| You can’t control contrast in color printing as in BW printing. It is determined by the paper and film you use.
4. Color adjustment : Play with filters until you get colors you want (neutral or shade)Color correction.jpg


Tutorials and references
Adams, A. The Print


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