How to photograph a Fashion Show – LondonFashionWeek preparation


-long lens (70-200mm f2.8 for runway ; 24-70mm for backstage)
-no flash
-eventually a monopod (never a tripod)

-Manual or Aperture Priority
-SS above 1/200 (push ISO if needed)
-white balance : tungsten or daylight ; if shoot in RAW set up ‘Auto’ and retouch in post-production
-autofocus AF-C (on top of crowd)

Before Shooting
-arrive early to set up the camera,
-watch the lighting and find the sweetest spot of light
-take a good spot

-Shoot from below (heroic look) + lower from the others photographers
-Shoot vertically : full length including shoes, people want to see clothes (don’t forget back and details (+easier for magazines)
-Follow the beat of the music : fire on downbeat to capture models in mid-movement (cross legs, feet off the floor)
-when the model is at the far end, take a shot full length
-while she is moving, 3/4 (from knees up)
-at the front of catwalk, a top shot (torso and face + neckline, hairstyle, details) / before she turns up (she’ll own down prior to say she’ll turn) DON’T MISS THE SHOT
-don’t forget the back

-Choosing, Editing, Sending

The Ultimate Guide to photograph runway
How to photograph a Fashion Show


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