Christine Kreiselmaier’s talk on fashion photography

Non classé

Christine Kreiselmaier studied GDip Photography a few years ago and gave a lecture on fashion photography and her journey to be where she is and who she is now.

General thoughts on photography
Every year, sit down, go back to your yearly work and assest your journey.
Fashion is a hard world to be succesful, but keep continue and be persistent
Fashion is such a small world, never lie, everyone knows everything on everyone.
During an interview, the first questions are usually the following :
Who have you assisted?
For how long have you been doing that
What have you shooted for?

Photography is a technical job, when you understand lighting and master tweaks of lights, you can get something from everything and exactly recreate an image.
Assisting is a great way to learn by observing other people work.

Determine your own style and aesthetic, what makes you different and your work personal.
Determine your market to adapt your work
Create a moodboard of poses and attitudes I like tolook at if we are stuck during the shooting
Keep a journal where you write what learnt from each job (successes, failures and how to improve next time)

You need to be in and aware of trends, what is going on in the fashion industry.
Look at all levels of fashion : H&M, Zara / Maje, Sandro / Chanel, Burberry / Haute Couture
Look at different genres : Ready-to-Wear, Haute Couture, lingerie, maroquinerie…
Who are the big names (designers, models, editors, magazines, bloggers)
Have a dream list of people I want to shoot

You need to build a team, you definitely can not work alone. Work with people on your level or slightly above but never below. Don’t think too high too fast.
An ideal team is composed of a photographer, MUA and hairdresser, stylist, retoucher, assistant(s)

Establish relationship with personal bookers of models (not the overall one) to get in touch directly with their agents and get girls easily
Start with new faces for test

Determine your market to orientate your style.
Have a dream list of magazine you would like work for (agent, creatives, art directors, art buyers, production company)

Keep track of costs, investments, equipment
Be active on social medias 
Regularly update your website
Don’t negligee researches
Hire an agent (when you’ll reach a certain level of working)


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