Matt Thompson

Non classé



Matt Thompson graduated Graduate Diploma at LCC seven years ago. He is now a successful photographer in portrait and interior design. Here are some advices and lessons he shared during his talk this morning.


Shoot all the time, even with no reason

Assist photographers as much as possible, this is the best learning

NEVER GET YOUR COPYRIGHT AWAY, under any circumstance, for any reason

Keep looking at imagery (others photographers’ work)
Keep shooting.

A set of images always communicate a narrative and convey a story (moldboard behind)


Photographers are super busy, they don’t have time to read email. Keep it short and clear. It’s all about speed (as well as for design of your website, reduce number of clicks)

-1st sentence : Flatter the person who will have a positive instinct feeling and like me immediately (and continue reading)
-2d : Tell why you are writing (“I would love to assist you if any opportunity arouse.’)
-3d : Tell about yourself and what you can do (“I’ve graduated at LCC, I’ve assisted a couple of photographers (names) and I’m prepared to help in any way.”)

+ you can attach some images if they’re relevant to the job you’re applying for.
(!) Don’t forget to add your contact details at the end (at least email, telephone number)



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