Movement photography


Workshop with Simon Tomkinson

You can use movement as a genre in itself or as a tool inside a specific genre (documentary, fashion, etc)

-Edward Muybride – chrono-photography
-Henri Cartier-Bresson – about the decisive moment
-Robert Capa – blurring
-Sebastio Salgado – freezing
-Nick Knight – movement in fashion

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-DSLR camera
-lens with a speeding focus and wide width
-lighting kit (speedlight, Profoto B1 or B2, Broncolor Move or Score for top highlight range)
-a good stable and light tripod (Manfrotto)

FLASH How does it work ? (see great explanations)

Reminder :
Aperture controls foreground ; shutter speed controls background
In movement photography, there is Three ways to achieve your idea :


What shutter speed do you need to freeze the action? It depends on the action. Here’s a rough guide:
•1/60 second for a subject posing motionless
•1/125 second for a subject standing still but swaying
•1/250 second for a subject walking
•1/500 second (or faster) for fast movements (running, jumping)
Choose a fast shutter speed.
Zoom out : it will magnify and sharpen everything
Shoot when the action has paused : at the end of a movement or at the top of a jump, the subject is still which means less motion and less blur
Pan with the camera  : track the dancer’s movement (!) not being too fast or too slow, you need to be at the same pace.

What can you do to minimize camera shake?
-Image stabilization (in the lens or the camera)
-Take burst of images (at least one will be sharp)
-Shoot between breaths to reduce movement of your body
-Use a tripod or monopod

3. Combine the TWO
(!) overexposure
(!) color balance – continuous is redder ; flash is bluer, you might need to use filters to compensate color temperature. Always set up one light at a time with the continuous first ; set up the flash light to second curtain shutter
(!)ghost figures


The all purpose is to get THE moment !

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