London Fashion Week 2/2 – After the event

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     Despite being close to fashion and immersed in a creative spirit for a few years, I am still charmed by the magical and beauty of the Fashion Weeks when sparkles of luxury are spread all over the cities. I had the chance to see Leonard’s who at the Grand Palais in Paris three years ago ; I also worked in the showroom for Acne Studios during the week before the show. But this year I had the incredible opportunity as a photographer and to access to London Fashion Week more from inside. I saw the raw world in backstage, I saw in models’ eyes their fatigue and sometimes even the fear, without saying a word, aware that they are Dozen of unknown hands turn around their faces and their bodies, which transform these girls into anything than who they are. Models are turned into a women- object, losing any kind of intimacy, any control of themselves. I quite puzzled to faced so crudely these realities to shine a couple of minutes on the stage.
However, it was an incredible experience as a photographer. I was quite scared to be in the middle of the pit, surrounded by all these competitive and massive professional photographers. I was so surprised by the calm and friendly atmosphere in the room while waiting for the shows. They were all very chatty and nice with me, giving me some advice and great positions to take photographs. Even if I was exhausted to be concentrated while shooting – I was trying to think and apply all indications I
got – it was such a wonderful experience where I learnt and shoot a lot. Go for select, retouch and edit now…LFW.jpg
-Always be polite and respectful of other photographers
-Be chatty and socialist with them
-Set up your camera (never come with a Nikon)  before the show :
Aperture (f1.2 to f.8)
SS above 1/320
ISO (100 to 1600)
White balance
-Optimal lens is 70-200mm but a 24-70mm should be perfectly fine
-Wait for models being half of the stage before starting to shoot
-Wait for the leg on my side cross in front of the others to stay elegant
-Press the shutter on the down beat
-Take a full length / 3/4 and close up (don’t forget the back, details, accessories even if it’s quite hard to see all of that while shooting, there is so much going on so quickly !!)
-Models usually look down before turning and close their eyes when they turn (relax moment)

It is quite easy to have access at LFW but it is another story for Paris or Milano where there is nothing to compare with level of shows.