Perfect binding Workshop


I finally finished to write the critical essay on Alex Webb’s representation of  Haiti and I worked on layout to produce a little booklet, modeled on the photo-book I studied (Under a Grudging Sun).
I printed pages at Reprographics space at LCC (where you can print perfect aligned double-sided page) and I wanted a perfect binding (with a few complication because of the size of the book). But I didn’t realize that I will have to do it !  I thought it will only take me 10min to download my file on their computer. It spent the all morning to bind my own books, and I really liked it !

  1. Print correctly your pages
  2. Squeeze the package between a batch of paper + cardboard + wood (on both side), make sure all pages are aligned on each side and closed the wooden wheels.
  3. Notch the spin with a knife (cross lines)
  4. Cover the spin with a thin layer of glue, let it dry 2-3min (x 5-6 times) It needs to be a slightly thick layer so that it holds every page
  5. Put a stripe of muslin on the glued spin and add 3 more layers of glue.
  6. Let it dry over night


  7. fullsizerender1
  8. fullsizerender2fullsizerender3